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Book one of our Flexible, Durable and affordable Fold Out Skip Bins today, and we will deliver it right to your door! 

Fill the skip bin to the appropriate requirements and call us when you are ready for pick up. We will be right around to remove or empty the skip bin, so it is ready for you to use again. You can keep your Fold Out Skip Bin for future use, at a discounted price. That’s right you can re-use the bag at a $10 discount from the original price!  All of your garbage removal needs at even lower cost! 

ORDER - You can order your Fold Out Skip Bin online or you can give us a call on 0800 636 468 - We will then courier a Fold Out Skip Bin to your address provided


Our Prices

 Our Fold Out Skip Bins come in 3 different sizes:

  • 1 Cubic Metre Skip Bin $99 includes first empty then $89 per empty - weight not to exceed 200kgs
  • 2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin $129 includes first empty then $119 per empty - weight not to exceed 400kgs
  • 3 Cubic Metre Skip Bin $159 includes first empty then $149 per empty - weight not to exceed 600kgsOur Fold

Out Skip Bins are durable and are used as a substitute to a steel skip bin. Our Fold Out Skip Bins can carry anything from Household waste, General garbage to Renovation or Garden waste.

If you prefer to do the removal yourself or you if are constantly finding yourself de-cluttering and clearing more than you had planned, order one of our Fold Out Skip Bags Today! A bag will be delivered to your front doorstep, for you to fill as you please. No hurry, just give us a call when you're ready

What is a fold out skip bin?

It is the solution to your rubbish removal problems! Our bags are Practical, Durable, Tough and Heavy Duty. You can even fill it with Garden Waste, Household Junk and even Demolition Waste.

When should I use the bin?

Now! This weather is perfect for gardening and general tidy ups. But don’t make it a bigger chore than it really is. You don’t need to hire a bulky skip bin. This is the cheaper alternative. All you need is a manageable garden bag, something that you can keep adding too bit by bit and get emptied upon request. The alternative Dumpster for your garbage needs

Do You Service My Area? 


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Terms & Conditions

  • All waste put in the Fold Out Skip Bins must not exceed the top of the bin.
  • If all waste fits in the bin, we will allow up to 50kg at no extra charge
  • Anything exceeding the top of the bag or more than the extra 50kg will be added to your bill, But we will let you know first!
  • We can make an allowance for rubbish exceeding the height of the bag as long as the total volume does not exceed the volume of the bag
  • Bag must be within 10 metres of vehicle access