garden waste


Gardens Are Our Passion Too 

That is why when It comes to garden & green waste we have the solution for you.
Our Fold Out Garden Bags are perfect for a day out in the garden. We understand that all gardens come with a lot of garden waste and green waste. Stop the pile from getting bigger and bigger as you keep your garden maintained. Once you have filled your Fold Out garden bag you can call us to come around and collect your garden disposal. Order yours today! 

If you are like us and enjoy the whole weekend out in the garden you may find that you have compiled a lot more than planned, Send us some photos for a free quote or give us a call and we can send a team around to collect it and take it away. Call us today! 0800 636 468

 Once we have cleared your garden & green waste, we too do our bit to dispose of it properly. Allocated garden & green waste sections are available for us to do so.

Grass cuttings, tree branches, soil and other general garden & green waste is acceptable for recycling.

Bamboo, flax, palm fronds, ginger plants, cabbage tree, pampas, yucca, toetoe (cutty grass) and fibrous plants are not able to be recycled but we can still clear them from your site.

Keeping a Garden Fold Out Bag on your property will help you maintain your garden & green waste appropriately.


We Care About Your Garden Too

To get the best from your grass clippings, after mowing the lawns, sprinkle the grass clipping over your lawn or areas that need improvement of growth. By doing this, you are giving back the vital nutrients from the grass to the soil. This saves you time, effort and money. Mulching your green waste is also a great way to recycle and reuse. Once your green waste has been mulched, it breaks down into topsoil. Topsoil is great for the garden as it is filled with nutrients. Mulch can keep your soil temperatures warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

A compost is beneficial when it comes to recycling. It improves soil structure, fertility and general soil health. Healthy soil is essential for a healthy garden.